Good Times Great Service Brisbane Limo Hire

Terms and Conditions

We understand and agree with the following conditions when booking with Brisbane Vip Limousines.To ensure that the image of the work we are seen to do is of the highest possible standard (not to mention the condition of our vehicles) it is necessary to stipulate:

Maximum Carrying Capacity

4 Passenger vehicles - 3 passengers in the rear,1passenger in the front
7 Passenger vehicles - 6 passengers in the rear, 1 passenger in the front
9 Passenger vehicles - 8 passengers in the rear, 1 passenger in the front
11 Passenger vehicles - 10 passengers in the rear,1 passenger in the front
13 Passenger vehicles – 12 passengers in the rear,1 passenger in the front
14 Passenger vehicles - 14 passengers in the rear

Seat Belts are to be worn

  1. We agree to pay the balance due at least 2 week prior to the wedding date or byArrangements for other functions.
  2. We agree that the cancellation of this booking willresult in the forfeiture of our securitydeposit. Your security deposit is your deposit part of the total booking fee (securitydeposit will not exceed 40% of the booking). If cash was the payment method, theminimum cancellation fee starts at $50and is charged depending on how long thebooking was held for. This maybe takenout of your credit card which was used as asecurity of the booking or agreed payment method.
  3. We agree to adhere to our start and finish times and accept that any over time will becharged for each 15 minuites (or part thereof ) that we delay the hire company outside ofthese times, along with any work unableto attend due to the delay.
  4. Overtime will be charged for each 15min. Please ask for rates if any concerns.
  5. Brisbane V.I.P Limousines will accept no responsibility for lateness caused by the client
  6. All deposits are due by specified dated to secure vehicles, unless prior arrangements have been made.
  7. Credit card facilities are available for immediate phone bookings to secure vehicles (If this Payment method is used a 2.5% for visa master card, amex 3.5% surcharge will be incurred).
  8. Breakage of glasses will be charged at $5.00 per glass.
  9. Drivers are under strict instructions to stop and not proceed if they believe any person is not in a fit state to travel (inclusive of unruly behaviour and mess made). Customers have a responsibility to keep themselves in a resealable condition when travelling in our vehicle. If anyone is highly intoxicated they will not be permitted to travel in our vehicle. Average cost to sanitize the interior of the vehicles is $400.00, depending on the extent of the damage, plus payment the end of the hire. If the vehicle cannot precede its service because of damages or someone has been sick in the car, the person who booked the car is liable to compensate for loss of income until vehicle can be used again.
  10. All one-hour bookings will allow 1 pick-up point. Be sure to allow enough time for “happy snaps” at each location.. If you wish to allow fora more relaxing time it may pay to book an extra 30 minutes. These 1hour hire conditions don’t apply if other arrangements have been agreed on.
  11. For inclusive fare. After complimentary drinks are consumed you may purchase extra from your chauffeur
  12. Brisbane V.I.P Limousines shall not be responsible to any person or persons, company or Syndicate for injuries and are absolved from all liability.